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Timber Frame

The market share of timber frame construction continues to increase year on year. In the self-build market alone, it accounts for 75% of all structures built. This is no surprise when the benefits of a timber frame build compared to other modern methods of construction are so advantageous. These include energy saving costs, simplicity in design and erect, sustainability and many more.


Here at Read Brothers we pride ourselves on offering a great all-round package that meets all of our client’s needs, giving them peace of mind that their projects are being managed to the highest possible standards in the industry. With a wealth of experience and using the latest design software, we can undertake a vast array of differing project types. Whether it be a house extension, one off self-build, housing developments, hotels or commercial space. Read Brothers has it covered.

Benefits of Timber Frame Construction

Speed of Construction

Traditional construction methods are greatly impacted by the unpredictable British weather. This can cause work to slow or even come to a complete stop. This can gravely impact getting the build water tight.  Timber Frame construction does not have this problem. In fact, the structure can be erected concurrently with other utility installations and groundworks. Progress is vast and visible in a matter of days, not weeks. 

Our frames come in the form of a pre-manufactured panel. These are constructed offsite, therefore saving more time, money and energy. Once on-site, build time is reduced by a minimum of 25% compared to traditional masonry construction.

High Accuracy, High Quality

Our timber frame products are manufactured in a controlled environment using precise engineering & management systems. Thus resulting in a product built of the highest quality and workmanship.


Sustainability is at the forefront of the Industry’s innovations. Our planet is relying upon us to use natural resources to build with, without increasing the negative impact. Traditional masonry builds tend to rely upon the use of raw materials, which deplete non-renewable resources.


Timber is a totally renewable material, available worldwide. An increased use of wood production in the Construction Industry could result in a 14%-31% reduction in global CO2, allowing the industry to reverse its impact on the world to date.


The Timber Industry successfully plants more trees than it consumes, allowing for forestry growth.

Thermal Efficiency

Maximising thermal efficiency is at the forefront of any current modern construction project. The natural properties of timber make it an excellent insulator. This along with other products such as high performance insulation & thermal breather membranes undoubtedly make timber frame the best construction method to achieve maximum thermal efficiency. U-Values are a measure of thermal transmittance and rate of heat transfer through any structural element of a building, including walls, floors, windows & roof. The lower the figure the better.


Read Brothers standard timber frame external panel has a U-Value of 0.20 W/m2k and sits well within Building Control Regulations. Please feel free to speak to our dedicated in house team and they can explain to you what it entails to achieve this value and also advise on how to reduce the U-Value even further should you require.


Timber Frame Construction opens the door to a variety of build projects and the possibilities are endless, from an extension to your home, a new self-build project or a new housing development.


Timber Frame weighs less than other forms of modern construction, meaning it can be constructed on brownfield sites and other land types that generally would not be viable for masonry-built projects. The weight reduction can also have a significant impact on reducing the foundation designs and go towards saving money from this element of the project.


Timber Frame can also be clad in any external cladding and this can help in achieving planning permission in your local area.


Open plan designs, space saving designs & thermally efficient designs are just a few of the many reasons timber frame construction is so versatile.


Cost Saving

There are a multitude of reasons that a Timber Frame structure is cost effective against traditional build methods.

  • Off-Site construction – Making the panels in a factory environment means that majority of the construction work is done before the building has even started to be erected. Therefore allowing for quicker build times and keeping delays to a minimum.

  • Budgeting for your project will be more accurate as fixed costs will be given at quotation stage.

  • Speed of build – Lightweight construction will ultimately lead to a much quicker erection program and reduce transport costs.

  • Weather – Timber panels do not require any drying out time on site, unlike traditional masonry builds. Therefore other trades and external finishes can be fitted in a much shorter space of time.

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Timber in Forest
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Meet Dan Bailey

In addition to Peter Chignell, who for several years has been and will continue to be our independent consultant in this sector, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Dan Bailey as our in-house Timber Frame Manager who will assist your project from start to finish.  Dan has a wealth of experience from garden rooms and extensions to luxury homes and large site projects.  Whether you are a self build client or housing developer, please give us a call to discuss your projects today!

(T) 01603 401319

(M) 07817 331371

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