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A 'born and bred' Norwich boy, Steve was born in the heart of Norwich City - Bishopgate back in 1953.  He went to CNS senior school where he became a keen sportsman, and where social gatherings and team sporting events were his forte!


He loved football, rugby, cricket, golf, skiing and had a natural ability to be a successful Team Captain winning several local cups and competitions.  In later years, he took on the role as Horsford Cricket Club Chairman and was highly respected in the cricket community.

Lovingly married to Isobel, with two children Matthew and Donna, and four grandchildren who he cherished dearly.

Following his father's footsteps in the timber industry, he and his brothers Brian, Jon, Glenn and Mother Betty started Read Brothers Ltd back in 1981. He was Managing Director and his passion and commitment to the timber industry was second to none.

Steve grew the business and kept a calm head during recession times. He had a warm personality and regarded his customers as friends, always laughing and joking with them.  He was highly respected by staff, customers and competitors alike.

Steve sadly died on the 20th November 2016 after a battle with cancer and is missed by all who knew him. 

Read Brothers Ltd will continue to strive for improvement, more products and great customer service, following Steve's legacy and commitment over his 35 years of management.

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